Victoria completed the front window display and stood back to admire her work. With that completed she told Elsie she would be back in one hour she was walking down to Mrs. Finnigan’s Floral Shop. Victoria entered and was greeted by a very pleasant young lady who was Mrs. Finnigan’s grand daughter. Victoria asked if she could speak with Mrs. Finnigan? The lovely Grand daughter went to get her. She had owned the florist shop for 30 years and was just as pleasant as she could be. Victoria introduced herself and Mrs. Finnigan immediately replied you are the Boutique owner! Victoria proudly nodded her head, Mrs. Finnigan asked who the lucky man was? Ah, said Mrs. Finnigan its about time he married! With that comment Victoria smiled and began browsing the shop with Mrs. Finnigan for suggestions. Giving Victoria a lot to think about in the next few weeks. Victoria returned to her Boutique to relieve Elsie for lunch. Elsie retreated to her back room.

sales were brisk for the day and that pleased both Elsie and Victoria. Michael was away on a business trip for several days. this gave Victoria time to pick out wedding invitations and prepare her guest list. First, she made arrangements to meet with her best friend Teresa for dinner to ask if she would be her maid of honor! How surprised Teresa will be thought Victoria. Mr. Chatsworth popped in to see them (Elsie) before closing time. Victoria was fond of him and thought she might ask him if he would walk her down the aisle at the wedding. She would ask him to lunch and approach him about just that. They shut the lights and locked the Boutique as they normally do. Elsie hugged Victoria and said see you tomorrow and they parted ways. Victoria took the rail home when she arrived she waved to her neighbors and unlocked the door, there was a small package there for her. Wonder who this is from thought Victoria? The return postmark was from her home town in Manchester, Vermont. There was no name or return address? How odd thought Victoria. She carried the small package and set it on her kitchen counter. She kicked off her shoes and started the kettle for a cup of tea. The telephone rang it was MIchael checking in. They chatted a few minutes and then Victoria prepared her cup of tea. She put the evening news on T.V. and reached into her right hand kitchen drawer for her pair of scissors to open the package. To be continued…

disclaimer: the material herein has copyrights and should not be reproduced in any manner. the author is sharing for your reading enjoyment.

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